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Pastoral Letter Registration for Mass Bilingual

Pastoral Letter Nr 8 dd 8th July 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are gearing to reopen the Church for public service, albeit, a restricted service. A team of leaders have been working behind the scene as we move towards our first public Mass.

This Sunday, the 12th of July, we will begin with one Mass at 9 am. It is undeniable that everyone is a creature of habits. Some of us are more set in our ways than others. Since we will be under scrutiny, the SOP that we have put up will surely be inspected by the relevant public authorities—health ministry and the police. Consequently, the first few Masses will be restricted to the volunteers as they need to familiarise themselves with the SOPs. They are the one who will have to enforce social distancing, temperature taking and the likes and therefore it is necessary that they are coordinated in carrying out their duties.

A good example of the needed change in our way of proceeding would be “loitering around”. Under normal circumstances, we would like people to “loiter around” after Mass because that is part of what it means to be a worshipping community. After Mass, we do not “rush off” but instead, we stay back, catch up with others—an expression of being a brother and a sister in Christ. That is now “discouraged”. In our familiarity, we might just forget that we are required to take the precaution of social or physical distancing.

For some, it will come as a shock. Who used to be a brother or sister to me is now considered a potential health hazard. That is indeed unnerving. So, whether we like it or not, this new “abnormal” is here to stay for the foreseeable future. This means we have to put up with a lot more restrictions than we would have liked. The elderly, especially the sick, are discouraged from coming. Those under 12 will not be allowed. The strangers amongst us, the non-citizens, are prohibited from attending Mass. How bewildering can that be?

If you are upset, please know that I am even more unhappy about this arrangement. In this new abnormal, even the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has to submit Himself to that twin deities of “science” and “SOPS”. Whatever the merits of these two idols, perhaps rather than ranting about or raging against God’s permissive will, let us all embrace these inconveniences in the spirit of sacrifice, repentance and prayer imploring the Lord to remove this heavy burden from us.


第八封牧民信函 08-07-2020



在来临的星期日(7 月 12 日)早上 9 点我们将有一台弥撒。无可否认,每个人都是习惯性的动物。我们中有些人比较难以改变自己。由于我们将受到审查,因此我们


对于某些人来说会觉得很震惊。那些曾经是我的兄弟姐妹,现在却被认为可能会危害我们的健康。这确实令人不安。因此无论我们喜不喜欢,可以预见这种 “新常态” 的现象在未来都将继续存在。这意味着我们必须忍受更多的限制。老年人,特别是病人,不被鼓励来圣堂。 12 岁以下的孩童将被禁止来圣堂。我们之中的陌生人及非公民,被禁止来参加弥撒。这是多么令人困惑?


Following the strict guidelines imposed by the authorities during the RMCO, the church is only allowed 1/3 capacity for Sunday mass. As such, you will need to pre-register as a family or individuals so that we can schedule worshippers for Mass accordingly.
按照复原期行动管制令实行的严格条例,有关当局仅允许教堂 1/3 的范围供教友参与主日弥撒。因此您需要预先为您的家庭或个人登记,以便我们可以妥当地安排教友参与弥撒。

Do take note of the following requirements:

  1. Malaysian aged 12 – 70 years without serious medical conditions such ashypertension/cancer/diabetes/chronic bronchitis/pneumonia are allowed to register. You only need to register once.
    年龄在 12 岁至 70 岁之间的马来西亚公民及没有严重疾病例如高血压,癌症,糖尿病,慢性支气管炎,肺炎的教友可以进行登记。您只需要登记一次即可。

  2. You can obtain the registration forms from the BEC leaders, and the parish website (

  3. Completed registration forms can be submitted to BEC leaders, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    把完整填写的登记表格交给基信团负责人或电邮至 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  4. The parish office will not be accepting any Registration by phone.

  5. You will NOT have a Sunday Mass of your choice as seats are limited.

  6. Those people selected to attend the Sunday Mass on the allocated date, will be contacted by BEC Leaders, WhatsApp or email from the parish.
    基信团负责人或堂区办公室将以 WhatsApp 或电邮的方式,通知教友在指定的日期前来参与主日弥撒。

  7. Only those who have registered and are informed of their allocated Sunday Mass and passed the temperature test will be allowed into Church. You are required to wear a face mask at all times and to bring along your MyKad for registration. Those exhibiting fever/cough/respiratory issues/vomiting/diarrhoea/ conjunctivitis/ influenza symptoms will be requested to return home.
    那些有发烧,咳嗽,呼吸问题,呕吐,腹泻,流感症状的教友将被要求 立刻回家。

  8. We strongly encourage parishioners to download, install and use the MySejahtera App to expedite the registration and entrance before Mass and exit after Mass.
    我们强烈建议教友们下载并使用 MySejahtera App 应用程序以加速登记过程及方便进入和离开圣堂。

  9. Those who are unable to attend the allocated Sunday Mass for any reason, should contact the BEC leaders or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that others may not be deprived of the opportunity to attend Mass.
    若教友因某些因素无法在指定的日期前来参与主日弥撒,必须通知基信团负责人或电邮至 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 以便把参与弥撒的机会让给其他教友。

  10. Public toilets are to be used only in an Emergency to avoid crowding of the toilets.

  11. Please DO NOT touch any statues or holy pictures.

  12. After Mass, please EXIT the church immediately. There should be NO congregating or loitering before and after mass.

  13. Kindly drop your offerings into the boxes prepared at the ENTRANCE and EXIT of the church.

  14. Alternatively, you contribute your offerings through JomPay as follows.
    JomPay Biller Code: 90449
    Ref-1: Your Phone Number
    Ref-2: Payment Purpose
    或者你们可以通过银行转账服务 JomPay 给予教堂奉献金:
    JomPay Biller Code (付款代码): 90449
    Ref-1: Your Phone Number (电话号码)
    Ref-2: Payment Purpose (付款目的)

  15. Whether it is a Sunday Mass or a weekday, dispensation from Sunday obligation has been granted. Online or live-stream will be made available ( or Malacca Johore Diocese YouTube).
    教友们被免除参与主日弥撒的义务。教区将提供线上弥撒以供教友们参与。( or Malacca Johore Diocese YouTube)

Pastoral Letter Nr 7 dd 24th June 2020

My dear people

I presume you are getting used to this “recovery” phase of our MCO. One aspect of Malaysian life is that there will always be “projects” for some people out to make money. (Remember the uniforms needed for the failed programme of national service?) With our recovery effort in place, we now have to spend rather unnecessarily to “show” that we are complying with the SOP. Stickers, thermometers, barricade, barrier, caution or warning tapes and also sanitiser dispensers. Some people are benefitting from all these “necessities”. If and when we have the vaccine, we would have accumulated unwanted stock that will need proper disposal—a set back to our ecological efforts if you consider the improper disposal of face masks, wet wipes, gloves and etc. That being said, we are complying and taking steps to prepare the Cathedral for its eventual return to public worship, albeit, a dialled-down service. So far, the pews have been marked with appropriate social distancing. Thank you to the many volunteers who stepped forward to lend a hand in this preliminary phase of preparing the Cathedral for reopening.

I am pleased to announce that our application for JOMPay has been approved.
jom payThe Cathedral’s Biller Code is 90449. When making a contribution, these are the information you need to supply for our accounting.
Ref-1: Your phone number.
Ref-2: Payment purpose.

The donations so far that we have received have been apportioned (unless otherwise stated) in this ratio—75%+25%. 75% goes for the upkeep of the Church and 25% for supporting the poor. With JOMPay it is now simpler. All you need is to fill in Ref-2 with your donation’s intention. For example, “Church” or “POHD”. That way, you can decide how we should use your contribution.

Our POHD has been doing a wonderful job. We have a total of 24 families under our regular care and we call them our beloved FINs or Friends in Need. They are supported in both cash and kind up to a total of RM7K each month. However, in the last few months (March to June), apart from these 24 families, we also extended help to about 90 people. This extra expense (both cash and kind) adds up to another RM22K.

We have not realised the full cost of the lockdown yet. In time to come, we can be sure that more will be asking for help. For example, just across the road from the Cathedral’s side entrance is the familiar car wash. Even they had approached us for help in terms of grocery. This is the reality of those who are poor. In terms of our financial standing, as we have no Masses on Sunday, our collection, which is needed for both Church upkeep and helping the poor, has been impacted. I am still not taking my monthly allowance. While it is a paltry amount, it symbolises my contribution to the Church because we are all in this together. In this respect, I am also asking for those who can to support the Church.

Even though we may have returned to some semblances of normalcy, that is, if you observe the malls crowded with people, one aspect of our lockdown we should not let go of, is our praying. I am urging you, my beloved people, to continue praying. St Ignatius, in his experiences in the cave of Manresa (Catalonia), spoke of that period of his life as God teaching him like a school teacher guiding a pupil. I feel that this prolonged pandemic could be God teaching us to return to Him, to rely on Him and to trust Him. As our country is also beset by its political drama, there is no better time to pray. What we cannot do for ourselves, we know God can.

I am looking forward to the day when we will be able to shake hands freely and without suspicion and fear.

Thank you and God bless

第七封牧民信函 24-06-2020



我很高兴地宣布我们的银行转账服务(JOMPay)申请已获批准。主教座堂的银行转账服务代码(Biller Code)为 90449。当你们捐款时,你们需要提供以下

jom pay

参考-1(Ref-1): 电话号码
参考-2(Ref-2): 付款目的

我们现在所收到的捐款将按此比例分配 -- 75% + 25%(除非另有说明)。即 75%用于堂区的开销及 25%用于帮助穷人。使用 JOMPay 将变得更简单。按照你们的捐款意愿填写在 Ref-2。例如“圣堂”(Church)或“全人发展事工“( POHD)。 这样你们就可以决定我们应如何使用你们的捐款。

我们的全人发展事工一直做的很棒。我们共有 24个家庭接受定期的帮助,我们称他们为我们挚爱的“需要帮助的朋友“。他们可获得现金和物品的帮助,每月
的开销总额高达 7 千令吉。但是在最近几个月(3 月至 6 月),除了这 24 个家庭以外,我们还向大约 90个人提供了帮助。这笔额外的开销(包括现金和物品)需要额外的 2 万 2 千令吉。

Pastoral Letter Nr 6 dd 2nd June 2020

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Buen Camino!

This salutation is how pilgrims greet each other as they pass along the Camino Santiago. Bernard, our trusted sacristan, would have walked the entire French Way since the lockdown began. He averages about 15 km each day just from praying the rosary, and when added up would have exceeded 799km—the length of the Camino Frances. It has been a privilege to accompany him everyday. And the praying continues. Sometimes we are joined by others.

Before I continue, please accept my sincere apologies, my dear people for this rather long silence.

This lockdown has had strange effects on people, one of which is withdrawal—a symptom of depression. I seemed to have retreated when I should have reached out. I have been struggling with this dilemma to write or not. I felt that since I do not hold a conventional view of how we should respond to this pandemic, writing will only invite misunderstanding. As it is, my sense is that there is more of a pandemic of fear than there is a fear of the pandemic. What people consider to be precaution, I see it as paralysis. Hence, my Catch-22. Even voicing this view may be understood as recklessness. The alternative is to maintain silence which I have been doing thus far. For good reasons too. Many are raving about online Masses etc. that to suggest otherwise would come across as attacking what people cherish. I have no intention of that.

What many consider to be a creative way of engaging the Sacrament of the Eucharist is for me a subtle process of disincarnation. In a world where fake news is as good as news, we have come to accept the unreal to be real. A good example is “wood”, something which is real and concrete. As forest reserve got depleted, we started of with laminated wood—a veneer of wood over something which is not wood. After that, we progressed to using plywood. We have proceeded to produce particle boards (just think of cheap Ikea shelves or cupboards). Finally, we simulate wood grains printed on plastic. In fact, these days we do not need a real forest to behold. All we need is a screen saver. This little example illustrates for me the slow process of the virtualisation of reality which is but a process of disincarnation. The virtual appears good enough to be real. But, the logic of the Incarnation stands on the foundation of what is material. Why? The rationale for the Incarnation is because man could not reach God directly or internally. Hence, God had to come to him visibly, in and through the external world. God Himself became man, became body, matter, a sensible subject to unite us with that which is beyond all sense, beyond all conception of the created mind. God did not send us an email. He sent us His Son. The entire project of Satan has been to insinuate to man that God could not have incarnated. Perhaps it explains why my reluctance at writing this pastoral letter.

Just to be clear that I am not against technology but I sense a deeper movement which I would be glad to be wrong about it. Take the Holy Water stoup. We emptied it because it is considered to be a potential source of infection. Whilst the dry stoup represents prudent precaution, my concern is how easily we have forgotten that touch is at the very heart of what it means to be human. Touch or contact which is who we are has now become the possibility of death.

So, what is the alternative to “human touch”? Virtuosity—with this we easily resort to virtual reality thinking that “virtual touching” is sufficient substitute for real human contact and connexion. This is basically my apprehension. We all know that human procreation requires an exchange of bodily fluids. It cannot be that a man stands in one corner with his wife standing at another unless we introduce technology into this human act of reproduction. When human touch is removed from us, we readily stray into the world of make-believe.

What the Conditional MCO has done is to deepen our sense of helplessness especially with its arcane standard operating procedures. Faced this with prolonged paralysis, I chose silence and retreated into praying. Praying in itself is not a bad option but in a media-saturated world, media presence is everything. Silence is considered to be absence at best or the lack of pastoral care at worst. For this I truly apologise.

The rosaries do not seem to accomplish much, if one were to measure them using an “alpha-male achievement” scale. However, I think the rhythm is important. When we are helpless, it is easy to sink into despair but keeping a schedule gives us reason to go on. Furthermore, we have been praying St Michael the Archangel’s Prayer at the end of Mass. What for? It must mean something for we acknowledge that Satan prowls the world seeking the ruin of souls. Satan seeks by any means possible the perdition of souls. The prevention of Mass attendance, under the guise of precaution and protection of health may fall within his predation of souls. That is why we must continue praying. Covid-19 is not merely nature’s comeuppance against our ecological sins. There is definitely a spiritual component to this pandemic and in the realm of spirituality, prayer is paramount. Let us not stop praying every day.

I am in the Cathedral every day. So, should anyone need anything, as Charlie Puth croons, “I am just one call away”.

God bless.

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