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Pastoral Letter Nr 5 dated 23rd April 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Peace of the Risen Lord!

I write this as the extension of the MCO was announced earlier. This recurring 2-week period subject to review only adds to the unnerving uncertainty so many feel as to when life can return to some semblance of normalcy. If anything, this protracted lockdown has highlighted something which we may have forgotten in our hubris: man proposes but God disposes. We had hoped that once we come out of the MCO, we can proceed with planning for the Family Day. It would be a good time to celebrate as the human spirit is in need of uplifting. But, sadly, I am keenly aware that post-MCO, we will also have to deal with the economic cost of shutting down the country. Many will be out of jobs and we must also recognise the difficulties that many of our brothers and sisters will find themselves in.

No doubt some of you would have seen the Family Day poster online—website or Facebook—scheduled for 6th June. Considering the situation, it is now put on hold indefinitely.

In the meantime, the economic effects of the lockdown are already apparent. POHD, apart from providing groceries, is also assisting an organisation that seeks to provide cooked food. Daily, three of our members are delivering hot meal packages to some 90 persons which consist of a mixture of migrants (Vietnamese, Filipinos, Myanmar, Bangladeshi) and Malaysians.

Hence, 1st May which marks the Memorial of St Joseph the Worker is even more relevant to us. Most unfortunately, the date falls within the MCO. In honour of those who labour, the usual private Mass will be offered as thanksgiving to God especially for the scores of dedicated medical personnel who put their lives on the line to secure our health and to ensure that the country stays on top of the Covid-19 pandemic. To all our health-care personnel, we thank you for your sacrifice and pray that God will bless you and your family. We also would like to remember those who belong to the essential services and are grateful to them for carrying out their duties.

At this point, do not let up on our prayers. Please continue with the chain rosary between 6 am and 8 pm, ending with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Our social distancing must be accompanied by our storming of heaven. As the Catechism teaches us, “pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depended on you” (CCC2834).

I miss you all dearly.

I remain humbly at your disposal,

第五封牧民信函2020 年 4 月 23 日



我写这信是因为已宣布了延长行动管制令。这种每两周检讨的重复性措施,只会增加人们对于不确定何时才能恢复正常生活的不安。如果这种持久的封锁可以提醒我们些什么,那就是傲慢的我们可能已经忘却了: 谋事在人,成事在天。我们曾希望一旦行动管制令结束后,我们就可以继续家庭日的计划,这是一个值得庆祝的好时机以振奋人们的精神。但可悲的是,我也意识到在行动管制令结束之后,我们还必须应对国家封锁后所带来的经济问题。许多人将会失业,我们也必须意识到我们有很多兄弟姐妹也将遇到许多困难。

毫无疑问的你们中有些人已经在网上看到了预定于 6 月 6 日举行的家庭日海报。考虑到现有的情况,我们将无限期的搁置这项家庭日活动。


因此 5 月 1 日的大圣若瑟劳工主保日更显得与我们息息相关。很不幸的是该节日仍在行动管制令期间。为了向劳动者表示敬意,我们将平日的私人感恩祭弥撒奉献给主,特别为一群确保我们的健康及帮助国家克服新冠肺炎疫情而冒着生命危险工作的医护人员。致我们所有的医护人员,我们感谢您们的牺牲,并祈求上主降福您们和家人。我们也没有忘记那些提供基本服务的人员並感谢他们履行他们的职责。

在此刻请不要松懈我们的祈祷。请继续在每天早上 6 点至晚上 8 点之间念玫瑰经,最后以慈悲串经作为结束。在保持社交距离的同时,我们也必须热诚

的祈祷。正如教理教导我们的,「你們要祈禱,就如一切全靠天主;你們要勞作,就如一切全靠自己」(天主教教理 2834)。



Pastoral Letter Nr4 dd 12th April 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia!
The Lord is risen indeed!

Sorry for this rather late message. You would think that this lockdown would give a person a lot of time but somehow it has not happened that way. Since my last message to you, I have kept a regular routine. In fact, I have increased my rosary praying from twice to thrice—a total of 60 decades. The daily Masses continue according to schedule. I continue to keep you in my prayers.

Last night, the Vigil Mass took place at 11 pm and since there was no baptism, we finished at about 1 am. This morning’s Mass at 10 am was over in about an hour. Sadness at the emptiness took second place last night and today as the main focus has been on the victory of Christ our Lord. He conquered sin and death so that we may have life eternal. The Eucharist was truly that—a thanksgiving to the Lord for saving us.

I am exhausted. I am almost certain you are too. Even though Holy Week was “peopleless”, still it was physically taxing to go through it. This is compounded by the fact that waiting is tiring. As the MCO continues, we have been storming heaven for a miraculous end to the pandemic.

We may not have life-streamed Masses but we do have homilies from Palm Sunday and all through Holy Week posted on the parish website. The direct link is

Mindful that the effects of the MCO are starting to bite especially for those who are daily wage earners, POHD is doing a great job in reaching out to those who have asked for help. Recently a kind soul donated trays of eggs (>1500) that were distributed as soon as we received them. That was just an instance. Others have been bringing bags of rice, cartons of milk and tins of biscuits. Thank you kind souls who have come to the Cathedral’s aid in both cash and kind. As last reported, we are still in the process of setting up Jompay. The paperwork has been submitted. Details will be made available as soon as it is ready.

Last but not least, do not hesitate to call out if you need help.

God bless you. Wishing each one of you, on behalf of Fr Michael, Fr John, Sr Imma and the parish staff, a blessed Easter.

I remain humbly, your servant in Christ,

Easter Eggs
The picture shows an array of beautiful Easter Egg Candles courtesy of Agnes Gan (Mrs Joseph Soo). The egg on the left has the 3 Theological Virtues of Xin (Faith) Wang (Hope) and Ai (Love). The middle egg symbolises the Sacred Heart (so our Cathedral) and the egg on the right carries the MJD50 logo. Both the empty shells and the butterfly are apt symbols of the Resurrection.


牧民信函 2020 年 4 月 12 日



对于这迟来的信息,我深感抱歉。你们以为封锁会让人有更多的时间,其实不然。自上次的牧函以来,我一直保持例行工作。实际上,我每天念玫瑰经的次数已从两次增加到三次--总共 60 端。在每天举行的平日弥撒中,我继续

昨晚的复活前夕守夜礼弥撒在晚上11点举行,由于没有洗礼,我们大约在凌晨 1 点结束。今天上午 10 点的弥撒大约在一个小时结束。在昨晚和今天的弥撒,空荡的教堂带来的伤感是次要的,因为主要焦点是我们主基督的胜利。



识到行动管制令的影响,特别是对那些领日薪的人,全人发展事工(POHD)对那些寻求帮助的人提供了很好的协助。最近有一位善心人士捐赠了超过 1500 粒鸡蛋,我们立即把它分发出去。这只是其中一个例子。我们还有其他捐赠米粮,牛奶和饼干的善心人士。感谢那些为我们主教座堂给予金钱和物质上帮助的善心人士。如上次提到,我们仍在设置 Jompay。我们已提交相关文件给银行。详情将在一切准备就绪后再公布。


天主降福你们。我谨代表邓神父,Fr John,蔡修女和堂区职员祝福你们复活节快乐!


Easter Eggs
The picture shows an array of beautiful Easter Egg Candles courtesy of Agnes Gan (Mrs Joseph Soo). The egg on the left has the 3 Theological Virtues of Xin (Faith) Wang (Hope) and Ai (Love). The middle egg symbolises the Sacred Heart (so our Cathedral) and the egg on the right carries the MJD50 logo. Both the empty shells and the butterfly are apt symbols of the Resurrection.


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