Pastoral Letter dd 13th Sept 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters and in Christ

Thanks be to God.

Our Bishop Bernard has issued an important pastoral letter to all Catholics of the Malacca Johore Diocese. We respond with joy to the call to prepare ourselves for a return to “normalcy”. As restrictions are conditionally lifted, we will expand our available services to include welcome for,

  1. Our parishioners aged above 70 and below 12.
  2. Our beloved parishioners who hail from other countries (PRs, MM2H and Documented Workers).
  3. A gradual resumption of RCIA, Sunday Schools and limited pastoral activities.

We are taking steps to increase the number of weekend Holy Masses. This is to prepare for the reinstatement of the Sunday obligation. This means a welcome move to full language Masses—Mandarin or English. However, take note that Mass times are subject to change because we need to accommodate the full resumption of Catechism classes in January 2021.

As different parishes expand the number of available Masses, we will migrate to a “first-come, first-serve” basis in terms of Mass attendance from Saturday 19th September. Hence, with immediate effect, the online registration process for Holy Mass will be discontinued. MySejahtera registration remains in place for contact tracing. As long as a viable vaccine remains elusive, we maintain these existing SOP.

  1. MySejahtera Registration (Government requirement)
  2. Wearing of Mask.
  3. Temperature Taking.
  4. Social Distancing.
  5. No Loitering before, during and after Mass.

However, there is one more step we are taking. Mass attendees will need to check-in for Mass. This is different from government’s required MySejahtera Registration. Our check-in allows us to plan for and to ensure that we have sufficient capacity for present and future Masses.

Beginning October, take note of our Mass schedule.
Weekday—6:30am (Lauds followed by Mass)
Mon-Thursday: Adoration 7-9pm closing with Benediction.
Saturday: 6:00pm (English).
Confession half an hour before Mass.
Sunday: 7:45am (English) and 10:15am (Mandarin).
Confession half an hour before Mass.
You may choose to make an appointment for Confession outside these scheduled times.

Note that for Saturday, there is no 7:00pm Mandarin Mass and on Sunday there is no English 6:00pm.
We can resume celebrating the Sacraments of Baptism, Marriage and Anointing of the Sick. Please contact the parish office for details.

I urge all of you to continue with your fasting and praying especially the Rosary for the return to full normalcy as soon as possible.

Mandarin translation to follow.

God bless

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