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Veiling of statues and crucifix

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

The coming 5th Sunday of Lent coincides with the 1st Sunday of the ancient season of Passion-tide. Before 1962, our present 5th Sunday was called Passion Sunday (the week that followed was called Passion Week) and the subsequent Sunday was called Palm Sunday (which flowed into Holy Week). With the revised calendar, both Passion Sunday and Palm Sunday were brought together as the Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord. However, what has remained of the ancient season of Passion-tide is an option to mark the change of pace that began with the 5th Sunday. At the end of the Gospel of Passion Sunday (that is, following the old liturgy), the line goes like this: Jesus hid Himself and left the temple (John 8:59, also cf Jn 12:36b). Hence, the tradition is to veil our statues inside and outside the Church. This veiling is to remind us of the Redeemer’s humiliation so as to imprint the image of the crucified Christ more deeply on our hearts. It is also a form of fasting of the eyes. As Jesus hid His divinity to undergo the Passion, we deprive ourselves of His glory until we experience it at the Resurrection of Easter Vigil.

The veiling this year is particularly meaningful for us. Whilst we are fasting from God’s glory, and deprived of public Masses, the veiling is also symbolic of God’s silence. We are facing a health crisis that threatens every fibre and fabric of our social existence. Hence the veiling reminds us, both individuals and society, to turn back to God and to beseech Him to deliver us from the scourge of this pestilence. Only God can protect and save us.

As we endure the MCO, let us wait on the Lord by continuing with our daily rosary marathon. We beseech God that He may heed our prayers.

God bless,



即将来临的四旬期第5主日也是古代苦难季节的第一个主日。在 1962年以前,我们现今的第5主日称为苦难主日(接下来的一周称为苦难周),随后的星期日称为圣枝主日(接着进入圣周)。经过修订后的主历,苦难主日和圣枝主日结合成主受难的圣枝主日。然而,古代的苦难季节所留下的是选择从第5主日开始的改变标志。在苦难主日(根据旧的礼仪)的福音结尾是这样的:“耶稣却隐没了,从圣殿里出去了”(若8:59)。因此,传统上是把在教堂内外的圣像遮盖。这样的遮盖是要提醒我们救赎主的屈辱,以便将被钉在十字架上的基督的形象更加深刻地印在我们的心上。它也是眼睛守齋的一种形式。当耶稣隐藏祂的天主性以经历受难时,我们舍去了祂的光荣,直到我们经历祂在复活节守夜礼复活的光荣。





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