Belgium-France Pilgrimage - Day 13, 14, 15

Ars sur Forman to La Salette to Annecy and Lyon Airport

From Ars sur Forman, we moved to La Salette. The long journey into the French Alps was longer because the driver have never been there before. We arrived at about 9:30pm... the volunteers at the centre were patiently waiting for us with a warm meal.

Statues depicting the apparition of Our Lady weeping when the two illiterate children at La Salette first saw her. The second scene depicts the “Beautiful Lady” speaking to the children and finally, the “Beautiful Lady ascending”. The last photo, notice the Cross on Our Lady’s chest with the pincer and hammer to pull out or hammer in the nail.

Some photos inside the basilica.

There was really nothing we could do. A place where there is neither attraction nor distraction. For those who love the outdoor, this is a perfect retreat... Otherwise, pictures of the surrounding French Alps and of the Stations of the Cross. We could not have the nightly procession. It was raining heavily. Instead, the procession took place inside the Basilica.

The path of the procession that never took place.

Annecy... Some pictures of the Church of Our Lady of Liesse, Annecy. The mother of St Francis de Sales was baptised and married in this Church. She offered her son to be a priest even though the father had different plans. He wanted the son to be a lawyer to carry on the family line.

Canals leading to the lake...

Basilica of St Francis de Sales. The relics of both St Francis de Sales and St Jane Frances de Chantal were transferred to this Basilica still attached to a Visitation Convent.