Update - 1

The Camino Francés is the most famous Camino route, walked by millions of pilgrims from all over the globe since the Middle Ages. More than just a pilgrimage, the Camino is a very unique social and cultural experience, and a truly memorable adventure.

Our parish priest, Fr. Simon Yong, SJ, is currently undertaking this journey and he'll be sharing photos of his pilgrimage when he can as he'll be walking most of the time and may not have Internet access on his stops.Do keep him in your prayers during this time.


Hola from Spain to my all fellow pilgrims of Sacred Heart Cathedral, JB.

My brothers and sisters in Christ,

They say that no news is good news and in that spirit, I believe that the Parish is in good hands with both Frs Michael and John at the helm and ably assisted by Deacon Martinian, our soon-to-be Fr Martinian. My gratitude to them and to both Frs Sebastian and Joseph for helping to celebrate Masses in Mandarin.

Right now I am about halfway through the Camino Francés. It has been both exhilirating as well as exhausting. Our days begin with a simple breakfast and we enter our walk with Pilgrims’ Blessing before we start the recitation of the Rosary—all its four mysteries. The first day itself was taxing as we needed to cross from France to Spain, traversing the Pyrenees from St Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles—a trek that took us up to 1450m before a steep descent into our destination.

If a picture paints a thousand words, perhaps these might give you a sense of what the Camino is all about.

God bless,
Fr Simon Yong

The Mesetas

This is the section of the Camino that people have described as purgatorial... It is devoid of distractions because one could be walking along paths with farmlands that stretch on and on as evident in the third picture or perhaps a scarecrow along the way.