Progress of the Renovation | 装修工程的进展情况

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Some have enquired on the progress of the renovation. The tasks are rather simple. 1. Change the roof. 2. Retile the floor and raise the sanctuary. 3. Construct new pews.

The roof has been changed. The retiling of the floor and raising the sanctuary is in progress. A prototype of the new pews has arrived for viewing. We have 208 pews and we are asking that you join in this renovation project by adopting a pew. We asking a minimum of RM5000 to adopt a pew. You may choose to donate more. With your adoption, the pew will be dedicated your name or the names of those you choose to memorialise.

You can view the pew in St Mary’s Square.

God bless,




主内平安! 有些人询问装修工程的进展情况。工程相当简单。1. 更换屋顶。2. 重新铺设地砖及把祭台升高。3. 更换新的长椅。






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