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Pastoral Letter dd 13th Sept 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters and in Christ

Thanks be to God.

Our Bishop Bernard has issued an important pastoral letter to all Catholics of the Malacca Johore Diocese. We respond with joy to the call to prepare ourselves for a return to “normalcy”. As restrictions are conditionally lifted, we will expand our available services to include welcome for,

  1. Our parishioners aged above 70 and below 12.
  2. Our beloved parishioners who hail from other countries (PRs, MM2H and Documented Workers).
  3. A gradual resumption of RCIA, Sunday Schools and limited pastoral activities.

We are taking steps to increase the number of weekend Holy Masses. This is to prepare for the reinstatement of the Sunday obligation. This means a welcome move to full language Masses—Mandarin or English. However, take note that Mass times are subject to change because we need to accommodate the full resumption of Catechism classes in January 2021.



If you wish to contribute to the church, you can do so with the JOMPay facility.

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Fill Ref-1 with your mobile number so that we contact you if necessary and fill Ref-2 with your donation's intent. For example, "Church" or "POHD".

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