Memorial Prayers for Rev. Fr. Ignatius Huan Kin Kwang

Fr Ignatius
nightly from
6th till 9th December 2018(Thursday - Sunday)
8:00pm at SHC Divine Mercy Chapel


100th Day Prayer Memorial Mass
12th March 2019 (Tuesday)
8:00pm in the Cathedral followed by fellowship





Penitential Service | 和好圣事

Date: 20 December, Thursday
日期 : 十二月 二十日, 星期四

Preparation: 7:30pm 
团体省察:晚上 7:30

Individual Confession: 8.00pm   
个别告解:晚上 8:00



No Double Parking | 不允许双排停车

Please be informed that there should be No Double Parking in Cathedral compound at all times from 1st January 2019.



Children's Christmas Fun

Date: 15th December,  (Saturday)

Time: 1.00 - 4.30pm

Venue: St. James' Hall



PRAYING The Bible, LIVING The Bible (Lectio Divina)

Gospel text: Advent 2 : Luke 3: 7-18  Date : 18th December 2018, Tuesday @ 8.00 pm

Venue : St. Mary’s Room

All participants to bring own bible and sufficient writing materials for notes.
Pre-registration not required – Open to all parishioners




Parish Events of the Week


10 December, Monday 8.00pm Divine Mercy Prayer Divine Mercy Chapel
十二月 十日, 星期一 8.00pm 成人慕道班 圣保禄厅
十二月 十日, 星期一 8.00pm 圣心合唱团练唱 圣堂
十二月 十一日, 星期二 8.00pm 感恩赞美操  St.John Lobby
十二月 十一日, 星期二 8.30pm 圣神同祷会  圣保禄厅
十二月· 十一日, 星期二 8.30pm 杨式太极拳  St. Vincent 厅
十二月 十三日, 星期四 8.00pm 圣母军周会 (升天之母支团)  St. Matthew室
十二月 十三日, 星期四 8.00pm 乐龄组电脑班  BV Mary 室
十二月 十三日, 星期四 8.00pm 潮州经班  St.Andrew室
15 December, Saturday 8.00am Legion Of Mary Meeting St. Matthew's Room
十二月 十五日, 星期六 8.30am 圣母军周会 (圣母无玷圣心支团)  St. Bartholomew室
十二月 十五日, 星期六 9.00am 圣母军周会 (进教之佑支团)  St.Andrew室
16 December, Sunday 10.00am  El-Shaddai Charismatic Prayer St. Paul's Hall 
十二月 十六日, 主日 12.15pm 圣额我略音乐事工练唱  慈悲小堂
16 December, Sunday 3.00pm RCIA St. Paul's Hall

Liturgical Calendar

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Daily Mass Schedule

09 Dec

Second Sunday of Advent
English Mass
9.45am Mandarin Mass
12.00pm Filipino Mass
6.00pm English Mass

10 Dec

No Mass

11 Dec

6.30am English Mass

12 Dec

6.30am English Mass

13 Dec

6.30am English Mass

14 Dec

6.30pm English Mass followed by Eucharistic Adoration

15 Dec

Third Sunday of Advent
5.15pm English Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help
6.00pm English Sunset Mass
The Mass will also be in sign language for the deaf community by volunteers.

16 Dec

Third Sunday of Advent
English Mass
9.45am Mandarin Mass
12:00pm Filipino Mass
6.00pm English Mass

Daily Readings

10 December 2018

Catholic World News

10 December 2018

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