Parish Announcements | 堂区报告

Let’s Share Share By Every 25th

A pantry project set up by POHD. Contributions in kind will be distributed to our Friend-in-need by 25th of each month items required and sizes are listed in the pamphlets circulating.
Parishioners are welcomed to drop all items any time in the rack near the parish office.

Contact person: Pauline Ho (012-7117139) or
Mechtilde (016-7181876)


Parish Pastoral Assembly - 堂区牧民大会

25th August 2019

Click to dowload the full transcript of the speech here:

Fr. Simon's speech in English  |  Fr. Simon's speech in Mandarin.


Parking Of Vehicles | 教堂外面的停车问题

Parking Consideration is Christian Charity.
Our RELA volunteers, guards and parish staff are bearing the brunt of residents’ ire, annoyance and anger.
Your cooperation is an expression of love.
Please use the Wisma Tiong Hua Multi-storey parking instead of around the housing area especially the row of houses along Jalan Keris.

我们的交通义工ˎ保安人员及堂区职员经常面对附近居民有关教友们不妥当停车的投诉,他们对此感到 烦恼和愤怒。


Rite Of Christian Initiation Of Adults (RCIA) | 成人慕道班

If you have friends or relatives who wish to know more about or have a better understanding of the Catholic Faith, please introduce them to the priests or the RCIA coordinators.
Classes on every Monday at 8:00pm

Those who are baptised but have not received the Sacrament of Confirmation, you are encouraged to join this RCIA session to complete the rite of initiation into the Church.

Contact :
Janet TanEnglish Speaking (019-7311282)
Alicia LauMandarin Speaking (012-7690902)

每星期一 晚上8:00-10:00
上课地点: 圣保禄厅

刘爱凤姐妹 012-7690902,
蔡修女 011-33621298


Church Volunteers | 征求清洁教堂义工

Our church need to be cleaned on every Friday and we are lack of volunteers. We would greatly appreciate to those who are able to spare some time to clean up the church to render this sacred space more conducive for worship.



Feeding the Street Poor | 照顾流浪者活动

A project by SSVP CIC on every 2nd Wednesday of the month. POHD is the coordinator.
Whichever Ministry or individual who wishes to participate in cash or kind or service, please call either Christina - 013-7384298 or Pauline Ho - 012-7117139.

这是圣母堂圣文生穷人救济会每个月第二个星期三的一项活动。本堂全人发展局(POHD) 给予协调及配合。
欢迎各团体及教友们参与協助,有意者请联络: Christina 013-7384298/Pauline Ho 012-7117139


For Malacca-Johore Diocesan news and information, do visit



Daily Mass Schedule

19 January

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:45am     English Mass
9:45am     Mandarin Mass
12.00pm  Filipino Mass
5.35pm     Vespers
     English Mass


20 January

Monday of 2nd Week in Ordinary Time
6.30am   Lauds, followed by English Mass


21 January

Tuesday of 2nd Week in Ordinary Time
6.30am   Lauds, followed by English Mass


22 January

Wednesday of 2nd Week in Ordinary Time
6.30am   Lauds, followed by English Mass


23 January

Thursday of 2nd Week in Ordinary Time
6.30am   Lauds, followed by English Mass


24 January

Friday of 2nd Week in Ordinary Time
6.30am   Lauds, followed by English Mass


25 January

Chinese New Year
7.30am   English Mass
10:00am Mandarin Mass

   OLPH Novena

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
English Mass
7.00 pm  No Mass


26 January

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
7.45am     English Mass
Mandarin Mass
English Mass

  • Sacrament of Reconciliation available 30 minutes before Sunday Masses.
  • 和好圣事 : 主日弥撒前30分钟

Daily Readings

SHC Parish Office | 圣堂办公室

+607-332 6831  +607-331 5511

Office Hours | 办公时间表

Mon - Fri : 9.00am to 5.00pm (Lunch Break: 1.00-2.00pm)
Sat: 9.00am to 1.00pm  |  Sun: 9.00am to 12.00noon
Closed on Public Holidays

星期一至五:上午九时至下午五时   (午餐:下午一至二时休息 )
星期六:上午九时至下午一时  | 星期日:上午九时至中午十二时


Funeral Coordinator | 丧事联络人

Patrick Tan
+6012-786 7280

Lazarus Room Opening Hours during Funeral Wakes
9:00am to 11:00pm